Amazon advertising

Do you have your own brand and would like to sell outside of Switzerland and build your brand sustainably? Then Amazon is an attractive option as a sales and advertising channel. We help you to develop this channel successfully and profitably. 

Why Amazon

In the US and Germany, Amazon's 50% market share is of the total e-commerce market. In addition, Amazon search is the third largest search engine after Google and YouTube. If you have your own brand and want to sell internationally, there is no getting around Amazon. 

On Amazon, you can either send the products from your own logistics department or have this done by Amazon (Amazon FBA). There are various ways to advertise the products. On the one hand, traffic from Facebook, Google, etc. can be purchased. Your landing page becomes the Amazon product page. There are now also good tracking options such as ZoneTracker. 

There are Sponsored Product Ads within the Amazon universe (similar to Google Shopping Ads) as well as a range of search ads and display ads (similar to Google Display Ads). 

From our point of view, the biggest advantage of Amazon is that the customers are already on the platform and do not have to buy anything from Google and Co. like in their own online shop. This enables e-commerce companies to be profitable faster. The challenge is that the new customers acquired on Amazon make the second purchase in your shop. We have extensive experience with Amazon Ads, also outside of Europe, and are happy to help.

For our beauty brand Beneva Black, we were able to gain a very successful foothold in Germany with Amazon. It was very exciting that there is a clear correlation between more Facebook ads on our shop (not Amazon) and more Amazon sales. This means that a lot of people thought the products were good but want to make their purchase through Amazon. 


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