Gamification digital marketing
Augmented reality

Gamification in Marketing: 5 Ultimate Benefits for Your Brand!

The topic of "gamification" has become more and more trendy in recent years and is buzzing around as a buzz word in both the marketing and business world. When used correctly, it can make your overall marketing strategy more efficient. We'll show you the 5 ultimate benefits of gamification in marketing.

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Native advertising on TikTok
Social media marketing

Native Advertising - How to boost your sales with "invisible" advertising on TikTok

Consumers have always been suspicious of overt advertising, and with the increase in social media ads, this trend is accelerating. Native advertising provides a way for marketers to subtly bypass consumer “advertising fatigue”. This gives you a higher CTR than with normal display ads. In addition, native ads increase purchase intent by up to 18 percent and boost your ROI.

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Augmented Reality in Online Marketing 2021

Augmented Reality in Online Marketing 2021

Augmented Reality is increasingly proving to be one of the most powerful tools of our time. From social media filters to virtual shopping experiences - AR technology is growing and is used in almost all areas of daily life.

We will show you how you can use augmented reality in online marketing and thereby generate more sales, downloads or leads.

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