E-Commerce Development

In order to maximize the results in performance marketing, we help you with (CRO) conversion optimizations on the landing page, in the checkout or on product pages. We also support you with UX design, up-cross-selling software and data tracking.

E-commerce offers SMEs in particular the chance to reach a larger target group and allow the company to grow exponentially. Automated sub-processes allow customers to be made aware of suitable products easily, quickly and personally.

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In-house e-commerce development

The best online marketing is of no use if the customers do not take the desired action (purchase, sign-up, download) on the landing page. Below is an example calculation to make this clear: 

- You spend CHF 10,000 per month on online marketing. 
- This will give you 20,000 visitors to your online shop. 
- 2% of your visitors make a purchase (conversion rate). 

If you want to double your sales now, you can either invest twice as much in online marketing or we can help you double the conversion rate with our in-house e-commerce development. Alternatively, with the same advertising budget, the existing traffic can be sold twice as much with up- and cross-selling.

In order to increase the success and effectiveness of online marketing, e-commerce development is a central component. We only offer this service in combination with performance marketing.

Our range of services

Our range of services in e-commerce development moves in the following three areas: How can we sell more with the same traffic (increase conversion rate)? How can we sell more to existing customers (increase shopping cart value)? And how can we increase the frequency with which regular customers order (increase lifetime value)? 

Increase conversion rate

The conversion rate measures the ratio of visitors to an online shop and the buyers. An increase in this rate results directly in higher sales and profits, since the advertising costs remain the same. 

To increase the conversion rate, we use the following tools, among others. Many of them are based on psychological principles:

Increase shopping cart value

We help you to sell existing customers more and thus increase the average shopping cart value. 

Along the entire customer journey there are various points (product page, shopping cart, checkout, thank you page) where you can offer the customer an additional and suitable product

Increase customer lifetime value

An often underestimated discipline is increasing the lifetime value of a customer. It is much easier and cheaper to increase the buying frequency of existing customers than to win new customers. 

With the support of the R17, we were able to record an increase in sales of 150% in our B2C business in the first year and now want to implement this strategy in Germany.

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CEO Turm E-Commerce AG
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