Email & SMS Marketing

If your online store isn't making 20% + of sales through email marketing, you still have upside potential. It is important to work with automations and to send individual and specific e-mails as far as possible. We'll show you how. 

Why Email & SMS Marketing?

Email and SMS marketing is the most important discipline in online marketing to increase long-term customer loyalty and the repurchase rate. It's about much more than just sending out newsletters. The segmentation, individualization and automation of e-mail and SMS campaigns are fundamental. 

We are official Klaviyo Marketing partner and specialized in email automation. Here you can Behavioral data (Number of visits to the shop, length of stay on the page, etc.) With Characteristics of customers (Age, gender, place of residence) and Buying behavior (Regular buyer product YX, number of purchases per month, increased purchase opportunities with discounts) combined to create unique e-mail flows. 

Ideally, promotional emails are combined with content emails. A buyer of Product XY should receive relevant content about that product or related products. Typically, the sales of regular customers with e-mail automations are around 20 – 30% increased. 

In addition, brand loyalty is increased with so-called welcome series. These are email flows that explain the story of the brand, company and products. If a customer does not open any e-mails, they are automatically removed from the flow distribution list. 

SMS marketing is particularly suitable for one-off campaigns. The opening rates are typically three times higher than with e-mail campaigns - the sales from SMS campaigns behave accordingly. Here, too, we are the official partner of the Swiss company Horises

Klaviyo stands out as the flagship of email automation because of its seamless integration capabilities, visual flow building, brilliant automation tools, and its individual user tracking. It allows us to monitor the customer journey throughout the entire process. 


Why email & SMS marketing with us?



Klaviyo & Horisen Marketing Partner

We are an official Klaviyo Marketing Partner. We receive special coaching and training and can access data scientists from Klaviyo. This gives you a direct competitive advantage when you work with us. We also have a strong Swiss SMS partner in Horisen. 


Customer journey experience in e-commerce

Our team of e-commerce entrepreneurs has a lot of experience in mapping good customer journeys via e-mail automation. We act long-term and are not interested in short-term results, which in the long term damage brand reputation. In our Case study for the Kybun Group you will find more exciting information.  


Success dependent compensation

We always get on board with you and work with a performance-based remuneration. In concrete terms, this means that if there are no results, we also receive a correspondingly small remuneration. So we share the business risk and have the same interests as you.