Facebook & Instagram Advertising

The social media giant Facebook has over 3 billion active users worldwide with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and is the largest performance marketing channel for higher sales in your online shop.

Why Facebook & Instagram Advertising?

4.6 million Swiss people currently use Facebook and Instagram, the majority of them even on a daily basis. While the organic reach of posts on Instagram and Facebook has been decreasing for years, the reach is via paid advertising unbeatably attractive. If you compare the costs of reaching 1,000 people between print, TV, Google and Facebook, the latter is 5-20 times cheaper. 

Besides that, in particular Targeting is extremely well set up. Unique target groups can be formed via the Facebook pixel. For example, behavioral data (like visited shop, add to cart, buyer) with demographic data (Place of residence, age, gender, interests, education) can be combined with the goal, the perfect customers to find. 

Another advantage of Facebook and Instagram advertisements is their scalability. On Google is that Scalability of search ads depending on the search volume for the product or service. With Facebook, on the other hand, you can convince potential customers of the product before they feel the need - a need is created. 

Facebook and Instagram ads are another powerful marketing channel we use at R17. We are able to tap into highly engaged audiences who frequently use these platforms. Combined with the super specific targeting features and a strong funnel centric approach it makes for a potent combination that drives results.

Performance Marketer

Why are we the best?

Facebook Marketing Agency


Official Facebook Marketing Partner

As one of the few online marketing agencies in Switzerland, we are an official Facebook marketing partner. This enables us and you, if you work with us, a direct line to the European headquarters of Facebook in Dublin. 


A-Team & Digital Natives

Our team consists of online marketing experts, ecommerce entrepreneurs, designers and programmers. We all grew up with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and online shopping and know these platforms very well as users. After all, thanks to our in-house programmers, we are able to do this, to ensure the basis for successful advertising through data tracking.


In-house Ad designers

In addition to the technical tasks of Facebook and Instagram advertising, such as targeting, bidding, placements or funnel structures, we also take on the design of the advertisements. Based on your raw content (images, videos), we create advertisements for you that work and both promote your brand image and bring the necessary profitability.


Success dependent compensation

For us, performance marketing also means a performance-related remuneration. We get on board with you and offer a performance-based remuneration model. 

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