Gamification in Marketing: 5 Ultimate Benefits for Your Brand!

The topic of "gamification" has become more and more popular in recent years and is buzzing around as a buzz word in both the marketing and business world. Read how to use your Marketing Campaign can gamify!

What exactly is gamification?

Simply put, gamification always happens when you apply game elements to other, non-playful environments.

It's a well-known concept that creates a positive experience, and mostly one leaves a lasting impression. Companies use gamified solutions to Retaining customers, Activate online communities and build brands.

Fun fact: Did you know that Minesweeper was published by Microsoft to the people get used to right and left clicking? That makes gamification almost 30 years old!

Gamification in Marketing

There are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, which makes up almost a third of the world's population. That percentage may seem high, but weren't we all addicted to Candy Crush, The Sims, or GTA at some point in our lives? Expressed in a simple way: People love interactivity and they love games!

And marketers love gamification! Gamification has the power Engage users from a variety of different demographics. When used correctly, it can be your entire Make marketing strategy more efficient. Not to mention the ROI gainsyou can achieve!

Games help with that Increase engagement, convert more social media users into paying customers, and even increase your reach. Why? Because interactions, new customers and better reach are now much easier to reach.

For consumers in developed countries such as the USA, Germany or Switzerland, it is now almost impossible to imagine a time without the Internet and smartphones at all. The rapid rise in mobile usage makes cell phones the predominant form of entertainment and communication.

And so marketers and online retailers can easily produce high-quality, playable content and bring it directly into the hands of their potential customers. Games stimulate the mind of the user and indirectly leave a lasting impression of the brand, which in the end is the heart of content marketing.

How did gamification make it into content marketing?

Of course, content marketing has been around longer than gamification. Our grandmothers have already used useful instructions and product tutorials. And even today, it continues to attract an audience looking for valuable content and information on the internet.

With the steady With the advancement of technology, content marketing has also seen some changes - and so became interactive content born.

Brands quickly realized that Interactivity is something that not only attracts and engages customers, but also ensures that they keep coming back. Gamification in marketing is here to stay and we're sure it will continue to evolve marketing platforms and engagement.

5 Ultimate Benefits of Gamification in Your Marketing Strategy

Gamification is more accessible and affordable than ever, and there are dozens of reasons for adopting it playable promotions. Here are our top 5 reasons to gamify your marketing strategy in 2021.

1. Entertainment and engagement

Brand Engagement stands for one emotional attachment to a brand and is not the same as brand awareness. It's more than that. Because it means Loyalty and trust. This is important for every company, regardless of its size.

More and more marketers are looking for innovative ways to engage their online audiences and create high quality customer loyalty. One way to do this is through advertising campaigns that Giving the audience more than just information. Come at this point Interactivity and dialogue in the game.

Gamified product promotion

We are way ahead of roadside billboards, leaflets and TV spots. To be successful, you need something that is yours Brand stands out from the crowd and shines much brighter than all of your competitors put together.

Product promotion is one of the main reasons for marketing campaigns. But the Product positioning can be a tricky task. One option is to incorporate a playable promotion into your campaign. For example in the form of a memory game, in which you challenge your followers to find suitable pictures as quickly as possible.

“Why should anyone play along,” you ask yourself? Of course, there has to be an incentive. The fastest player wins a free product or a discount voucher. Aside from getting in touch with the brand and products, users get a dose of entertainment.

2. Maximize lead generation

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. Personalized offers and tailor-made messages have an impact in many industries.

However, it is Obtaining qualified leads is sometimes much more complicated than it seems because online users protect their personal data more strongly than before. They're unwilling to reveal their contact details just because you ask them to. Gamification and incentives can help you here.

Start a branded mini-game and raffle attractive prizes or discounts among all participating users or those who have achieved the highest number of points. To a To have a chance of winning, they must leave their full name and email address.

The results of such incentives show that users jumped at them because incentives motivate them to participate in online promotions and games.

Organize a playable campaign that you can customize with your company image and distribute discount codes to all users who play your game. Aside from you that Make the audience aware of your brand, you also collect leads and incentivize them to buy.

Converting website visitors to paying customers becomes a lot easier when you gamify your marketing strategy. Embed a playable promotion on your website or eCommerce site to help you Turn high quality web traffic into sales leads.

Online wheels of fortune have proven to be a successful tool for handing out multiple prizes and discounts and building brand awareness and visibility online. You can use the same promotion to promote your Turn social media followers into qualified leads. Just share one direct link on your channels and wait for the marketing magic to happen!

3. Strengthen brand and product awareness

The global attention span is shrinking due to the amount of information to which we are exposed every day. We scroll through hundreds if not thousands of posts and messages every day.

How can you get your audience to get your message across when there is so much content presented to them all the time? If you want to grab your audience's attention for a minute longer than your competitors, make sure you are offering quality, engaging content.

Gamification triggers real emotions, such as excitement and rivalry. Emotions lead to higher engagement, which creates loyal customers who are very likely to further promote your brand through word of mouth.

Gamification connects with the user on a more emotional level than just a picture or an informational contribution. This helps activate potential customers through the sales funnel and build their loyalty.

4. Increase sales

So we've increased your engagement, leads and brand awareness through gamification ... But your company cannot be successful without profit. Clearly, generating sales is a top priority in any marketing strategy.

One promising way to start the sales funnel is this Raffle of attractive prizes. It's a great way to reward your customers and get them to come back. But how can gamification help you increase sales?

93% buyers use discount coupons all year round and look for bargains and specials. Coupons can be distributed here. Take the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits we have already mentioned while increasing your sales at the same time.

5. Customer loyalty & loyalty through long-term campaigns

Almost more difficult than getting new customers to buy is finding ways to sell your To keep customers. Repeat purchases are what your marketing strategy should aim for.

So how do you manage to retain your customers for your brand? How do you keep them in your brand community until your next purchase?

The solution are daily, weekly or monthly gamified promos that reward the most active users.

Imagine organizing long-term campaigns with multiple games, puzzles, and challenges that customers like to come back to - something that doesn't happen with TV or radio commercials because we are too often ready to hit the “skip” button .

Positive experiences create a positive attitude towards the organizing brand. Use trustworthiness and reliability to create two aspects that can positively set you apart from your competitors.

Infographic gamification

Gamification using the example of Burger King's new AR campaign

Burger King offers as part of a Cooperation with Rovio Entertainment, the software developer best known for the Angry Birds series, a web-based Augmented Reality Experience for King Jr. kids meals.

Smartphone users using QR codes on Burger Kings plush toy tags, packaging and signs in participating branches scan, activate a mobile gamethat challenges players to defend three 3D eggs from waves of AR hatchlings trying to steal them.

By tapping the hatchlings to drive them away or using slime slings to slow the hatchlings down, players can successfully protect their eggs and receive power-up rewards. The game also allows you to save a photo of the experience to share with friends.

Rovio leverages Zappar's WebAR technology, which allows brands to offer web-based AR experiences in their campaigns, rather than app-based experiences that require a separate download. With the web-based AR technology, Burger King can expand the scope of its campaign to thousands of locations worldwide.

The game helps reinforce the idea that Burger King is a welcoming brand for families. As the web-based AR game can be activated worldwide, the participating Burger King branches can address people who either come to the restaurants or have the children's meals delivered.

The Burger King campaign is also an opportunity for Rovio and Zappar to showcase their web-based AR experiences for brands and thus Reach 3.5 billion connected devices that support the technology.

Are you ready to launch your gamified campaign too?

Title Marketing Experts 2021 as the year of branding. And Gamification is essential to bring your brand into the spotlight. While gamification is the Enrich a retailer's marketing or engagement strategy with entertainment and drama, it also ensures positive behavior from customers and employees and leads to one rich brand experience and higher sales.

There is simply no better way to strengthen your brand and your online presence than with gamified solutions and interactive games! Contact us today to see the potential of your brand and receive a free analysis of your advertising accounts.

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