Google & Youtube advertising

Would you like to generate more orders, leads or inquiries with Google and YouTube Ads (SEA) without losing profitability? We deliver you real performance with success-related remuneration. 

Why Google & YouTube advertising?

Google advertising is the marketing tool to present your products and services to an already interested target group. Every day, 2.5 million search queries are sent to Google in Switzerland. Surely a few hundred of them could be your potential customers. We help you, these customers profitable to win for yourself and thus give you a sustainable one Competitive advantage To provide. 

Google Ads (SEA, ex. AdWords) are becoming more complex and at the same time always better. Targeting with artificial intelligence, automation of repetitive tasks and improved tracking options require very specific know-how and constant learning. The speed and the pace of innovation in online marketing is fast. To monetize these opportunities you need an exclusive partnerßLich busy. 

With our performance marketing experts you get this partner. In addition, our remuneration is performance-related. In the Google universe we have great expertise in the following channels:

Measurable performance is what counts. As a team of entrepreneurs, we use a wide range of performance marketing tools and platforms to achieve and maximize growth.

Jandré Scholtz
Performance Marketer

Why us as a Google Ads partner?


Individual analysis

Markets, products and services are different. We look at your Google Ads in the same way. We invest a lot of time in the analysis of your business model, your USPs and products.
Advertising - also with Google - is always psychology too. And only those who really deal with the products and the underlying needs of the customers can sell successfully and profitably. 


Google Ads Experts & Digital Natives

We are Google Ads experts, digital natives and e-commerce entrepreneurs. As an official Google Marketing Partner, we manage budgets in the millions every year and generate a multiple of sales. We all grew up with Google and we especially understand the importance of "Mobile First" at a different depth. We are also e-commere entrepreneurs and have active holdings. This gives us a very pragmatic and profit-oriented approach. A lot of sales can be generated very easily with Google advertising. The It is an art to do this profitably. 


Success dependent compensation

For us, performance marketing with Google Ads (SEA) also means performance-based remuneration. We get on board with you and offer a success-based remuneration model. 

We stand for results

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