Google's partnership with Shopify and other great e-commerce trends in 2021!

Google announced a partnership with Shopify last week that the 1.7 million retailers on the e-commerce platform gives the opportunity to reach customers via Google search and other services.

The integration allows merchants to sign up with just a few clicks and their Products in the 1 billion "Shopping Journeys" by Google that happens daily via Search, Maps, Images, Lens and YouTube.

Google's Shopping Graph integration with Shopify

The company did not provide any in-depth details about the integration during the Google I / O Developer Event. However, Google's announcement of its partnership with Shopify followed a series of updates to Google Shopping that came out Amazons increased investments in their own ad business result and Threaten Google's core business with ads.

Google reached out to online advertisers and described how its so-called "Shopping Graph " now begins Information from various websites, price reviews, videos and product data bring together sourced directly from brands and retailers.

Online buyers can thus be better informed about this, among other things

  • where to find the items
  • how well they arrived
  • which dealer has the best price
  • and much more.

This shopping graph can extend across all Google platforms, regardless of whether someone discovers products via Google search or through videos on YouTube, to name just a few examples.

For example, if you are looking at screenshots of products in Google Images, it will suggest that you do the Browse photo with Google Lensto find the items featured.

Even before Google's partnership with Shopify, the search engine company announced earlier this year that it would have a new feature YouTube tests that enable users to Buy products that they learned about through their favorite creator. That is a step towards the growing threat TikToks and Facebook's investment in theirs own social media e-commerce channels to counteract.

But for the Shopping Graph to actually work, Google must first convince consumers that the Buying products through Google found really useful becomes.

Google's free product placements in SERP

For this reason, Google already gave online retailers the opportunity to sell their products last year to sell for free on Google's platform. The individual parties benefited as follows:

  • Retailer: Free presence in Google search with an audience of millions who search for products on Google every day.
  • Consumer: They discover more products from more shops, sometimes from companies they might otherwise never have heard of.
  • Advertisers: Paid ad campaigns are supplemented with free entries.

Existing users of the Merchant Center and Shopping Ads do not need to do anything to benefit from the free listings. And for retailers new to Merchant Center, Google made the adoption process easier.

That change resulted in one, according to Google 80 percent increase the e-commerce retailer on Google being the majority small to medium-sized businesses are.

This is where Google's partnership with Shopify comes into play

Integration does not mean that every Shopify storefront automatically added to Google becomes. However, the dealers can simply take an action to cause this to happen.

When it comes to distribution, however, Shopify doesn't have any favorites. The online store platform is also integrated with the other major players, including Facebook and TikTok. The shop system also works with Walmart and helps expand the online marketplace of the American mega-retailer.

Investors also seemed happy with the news: shortly after Google's partnership with Shopify was announced, the jumped Shopify shares soaring 3.52%.

Bill Ready, President of Commerce and Payments at Google, said, “The Shopping graph is a dynamic, AI-based model, which is a constantly fluctuating amount of

  • Products
  • Dealers
  • Brands
  • reviews
  • Product Information
  • Inventory data

understands that we receive directly from brands and retailers - and also the way in which these attributes are related to one another. "

This deep understanding enables Google to help users to find products in new ways - for example through the image search.

Shopping from a screenshot

Taking screenshots is a common way for users to take visual notes of products they see in online images for saving and possibly buying later.

However, a photo alone is not very meaningful. And even if the product can be identified, it is not always easy to find a website that offers it. This is exactly where Google's new shopping function comes in.

It enables users Search products from screenshots in Google Images. To use this feature, open a screenshot in Google Image Search and look out for the new "Search in screenshot" option. This causes Google Lens to analyze the photo and return search results for the productsthat it can identify.

Creating more ways for consumers to find products is always beneficial as it can lead to higher sales for retailers. Therefore it is worthwhile for you as an e-commerce shop owner to use this function test and find out if your products are optimized for Google Lens search.

And that is very easy in two steps:

  1. Take a screenshot of an image that shows one of your products.
  2. Then check that Google Images can use Lens Search to identify the product and return the appropriate page to buy it from.

This is how Shopify's integration of the Google network works

You can make the most of Google's presence to attract both mobile and desktop users to your products and to reach potential buyers. And precisely when they are looking for special products.

You can either use free entries or run paid, smart campaigns. Google chooses when and where the products are displayed to the right buyers. Incidentally, your inventory is synchronized automatically by connecting the Google Merchant Center to Shopify through the Google channel.

More ecommerce trends you need to know as an online store owner in 2021

When looking for ways to improve your ecommerce website, you should know the main trends that will affect your online store in the near future.

We have summarized the most important developments of the year for you in our infographic:

Ecommerce trends 2021

CONCLUSION: It pays off for your online business to have a partner who is up-to-date with the latest trends!

Google advertising is the perfect marketing channel to present your products or services to a broad, already interested target group. In Switzerland alone, 2.5 million search queries are made on Google every day.

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Google Ads are getting more and more complex, but at the same time also getting more and more complex more successful and efficient. The targeting of your target groups becomes more and more precise with artificial intelligence. However, the automation of repetitive tasks and the optimization of tracking options require very specific know-how and constant learning.

With all the new trends in e-commerce, that is The pace of innovation in digital marketing is very high. To monetize these opportunities, you need an exclusive partnerLich busy with these issues. 

Our Performance Marketing Experts are your reliable partner in everything to do with online advertising. In the Google universe we have great expertise in the following platforms:

  • Google shopping
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So if you are looking for an innovative Google Ads partner who is always up to date with the latest trends and developments in e-commerce and online marketing, contact us today for a free analysis of your advertising accounts. We will then be happy to show you the potential of your company that you can achieve with a good Google advertising strategy.

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