Innovative branding and the latest trends in brand design - this is how your brand stands out from the crowd!

Business-to-business competition is pretty fierce in today's digital world. To stand out from the crowd, your Brand be unique and one for the customers unmistakable recognition factor to have. Accordingly, a strong brand design is what stands behind every successful product.

A study of the Global New Product Innovation from Nielsen found that nearly 59 % of users prefer to buy new products from brands they are familiar with. And 21 % say they are more willing to buy a product if it comes from a brand they like.

The brand design is the silent ambassador of your brand - Branding and design go hand in hand and thus contribute to effective branding.

How exactly does brand design work in branding?

Your brand is a visual representation that connects people with your company or product. An effective brand identity lets consumers know your brand to a high degree Associate credibility and quality.

However, strong branding depends not only on the aesthetic characteristics of your brand, but also on the Message and the emotional addresswho stand behind it.

In order to create a solid brand identity, designers need to dig into the details of business goals as well as researching the market and your target audience. In addition, consumers nowadays expect online brands to give them a innovative experience bid and move with the times.

What is brand identity?

Your brand identity is the collection of all elements that convey the right image of your company to the consumer. Brand identity differs from “brand image” and “branding”, even if these terms are mostly treated as interchangeable.

The term “branding” refers to the marketing practice of active design of a distinctive brand. And ultimately, the brand is a perception of your company in the eyes of the world.

This is how you build a distinctive e-commerce brand

Whether clothing, electronics or groceries - customers are increasingly shopping online. And this represents a great opportunity for savvy e-commerce brands. Yet most consumers only buy from well-known, established brands and brands ignore the rest.

That's why he plays Building a distinctive e-commerce brand such a vital role in improving your chances of success in the digital world.

In this article, we'll explain why innovative branding is so important in the world of e-commerce and what steps you need to take to boost your brand.

Brand Image SHB

Design your brand identity

Your corporate design assets are the tangible elements that determine how your brand is perceived. Things like your logo, packaging, web design, as well as your advertisements and your social media posts.

In other words: good brand design leads to a solid brand identitywhich in turn creates a successful branding that represents exactly what you are as a brand.

Rely on an individual brand design that attracts attention

Excellent graphic design attracts the eye, sends a message to your potential customers and triggers an emotional response from them. Every component is critical to the development of creative graphic, image and video material that supports your company's marketing goals. The design team of a good online marketing agency fully understands your client's vision before they start working on their unique and individual brand design.

Creative advertising design through augmented reality

With creative AR graphics, UX and UI design, buyers can zoom in on products, rotate them and add features in real time, right on the ad. So can consumers vivid and nuanced details of your product Explore virtually from the comfort of your home, office or any other location.

We at R17 rely on our customers Beneva Black for example Snapchat ads with AR Lenses one that allows users to see what the product would look like on their own body.

So how exactly can you build a brand identity with your brand design that will take your company to the next level?

Once you've established the building blocks of your brand design, it's time to partner with a good design team that can bring your brand identity to life. The designers translate what defines you as a brand into tangible design assets that you can use in your marketing.

Your brand identity is expressed through different brand design elements, depending on the nature of your company. For example, a restaurant should think about the menu and the layout of its physical space. An online retailer, on the other hand, has to concentrate more on its website or storefront as well as its packaging and social media channels.

Your logo

Logo design is the cornerstone of your brand identity. When working with your designer, make sure that your logo covers the following points:

  • It clearly communicates who you are and what your brand stands for
  • It's visually appealing: simple, clean and clear
  • It is Timeless, not trendy: choose a design that won't go out of style anytime soon
  • It leaves you behind lasting impression with your audience.

You should also ensure that your designer supplies the logo in multiple formats (e.g. a black and white version and multiple sizes) to ensure that you always have the right logo - and that each one matches your brand identity.

your website

Your website is one of the most representative aspects of your brand identity. Especially if you have an online business or a digital product, your customers will definitely take a look at your website before they decide to buy a product. Your website is the place where your Brand identity come to fruition in full should.

R17 Ventures is at the Secondhandbags AG as a shareholder and as a performance marketing and technology partner. Within a month, R17 provided a new website - with a new CI / CD (Corporate Identity / Corporate Design) - and increased sales by 400% compared to the previous year.

Website design

Your product packaging

If your product is a physical item, then product packaging is key to attracting the right customers to your online business. Don't underestimate the value of good packaging design to enhancing the customer experience - and both Promote loyalty as well as repeat purchases. Packaging is a great opportunity for your brand to stand out from the competition and shine.

3 steps to a successful e-commerce brand with recognition factor

Would you like to increase your online presence, generate more sales and increase your brand awareness? Then take a look at the branding strategies of the most successful ecommerce brands and learn from them. Here are our top 3 tips for successful brand creation:

1. Consumers crave social approval

Leverage internet users' herd mentality to maximize your bottom line. Consumers like to be inspired and trusted by other “real” people User generated content mostly more than the "provided" advertising content of the brands themselves.

Team up with authentic influencers to promote your brand and create a trustworthy image. But be careful, make sure that the influencer is relevant to your target group.

Alternatively, you can also post user-generated content on your social platforms. Research shows that User-generated content 4x higher click rates and a 50% lower cost-per-click compared to average ads.

2. Stay up to date on trends and stand out from the crowd

Big e-commerce brands aren't static. You move with the times. One trend to consider is posting ephemeral content on your channels. Ephemeral content is rich media content that is only available for 24 hours and then disappears - such as Instagram Stories or Snapchats Snaps.

It's not uncommon for such content to generate a rush to your posts and is a great tool to increase your Share your brand message in an exciting way.

Also innovative content like Augmented Reality formats or 3-dimensional posts are excellent ways to generate more engagement and interest among consumers. Because they help you to stand out from the crowd in the crowded online shopping market.

3. Better customer experiences lead to more sales

Do you want customers to love your brand and thereby build loyalty among consumers? Then make sure you create a positive experience from their first contact with your brand.

Surprise them with little extras or Gamification elements in your ads, with which users can secure discounts, for example. We all love receiving a nice, unexpected gift.

Make the site easy to navigate and create one flawless user experience through sophisticated UX design. If your customers can easily find their way around while shopping, the more likely they will actually complete the purchase.

Produce 360-degree product photos to fully present the articles and enrich the shopping experience. Here you can see an animation of the R17 design team for our customer, the luxury bed manufacturer Swisspur:

3 ways you can surprise and entertain consumers with innovative content today!

1. Create a cinemagraph

A subtle but intriguing technique that can be used in advertising and social media is to create a cinemagraph that introduces movement into a still image. It appears to the viewer as an image rather than a short video and adds depth to your promotional material. An ideal way to highlight a product!

An excellent example of this is this animation for our customer Pinlight

2. Create a 3D pop-out effect

You've probably seen this effect before, and while it's a bit more sophisticated than simply creating a cinemagraph, it will instantly pause and be amazed anyone who scrolls through your feed. 

3D pop-out animations can break the normal scrolling routines of social media users, and that makes them a perfect tool for generating visual engagement.

3. Use loops and unique transitions

TikTok has developed into a perfect platform for many fancy yet simple visual tricks that are not only popular with young audiences. There are an unlimited number of techniques you can use to create exciting social media effects.

Innovative designers will be able to highlight your social content in a way that draws audience attention to your brand.

CONCLUSION: A good and innovative e-commerce branding is crucial for the success of your online shop

Without great brand design, your company will just be another brand that no one remembers. With a good design team on board, you can position your brand and create an excellent brand experience for your customers. This will result in more sales and thus higher profits. Your Brand gains popularity and relevance.

Our design team at R17 Ventures reflects the personality of your company. We are your ideal partner if you have one want timeless, fresh and modern brand design that underlines your brand and vision.

We create for you:

  • User- and conversion-optimized websites and landing pages
  • Meaningful logos
  • Innovative marketing campaigns
  • Social media content
  • Appealing product packaging designs

Contact us today and our designers will work with you to develop a stunning e-commerce brand design!

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