Joint ventures & dropshipping

We help offline retail companies to successfully set up their e-commerce business with unique products. We take over the development of the shop and online marketing in return for a share or profit participation.

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Joint ventures

Do you have a functioning offline retail business and would like to expand your business model with an online shop without investing CHF 100k + in setting up your e-commerce?

We are e-commerce experts and will help you to set up this business area. We not only advise you, we also take over the development of your shop. We'll help you set up the logistics and make sure you get customers. Especially the following Industry sectors are interesting:

Do your products or your range have one or more of the following featuresso it is also interesting:

What can we offer

Establishing an online shop

Our in-house programmers create a state-of-the-art online shop for you with Shopify or WooCommerce. We are e-commerce experts and take care of conception and implementation.
Result: In 3 months you will have a unique online shop with all important integrations (accounting, logistics, warehouse).

Win customers with Google, Facebook & Co.

Your online shop is up, but you have hardly any customers? We take over the strategic conception and operational implementation of online marketing.
Result: We deliver the right customers to you and enable substantial growth in sales.

Compensation model

We only enter into cooperations on this scale in return for long-term sales or shares.

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400% growth in 3 months

In December 2020, R17 took a stake in Secondhandbags AG as a shareholder and is also operationally in charge of performance marketing and web development. In the first month we were able to grow by 400% compared to the previous year.