Linkedin advertising

LinkedIn Ads are great for B2B lead generation. With paid LinkedIn advertising, we help you to sustainably increase your reach and brand awareness and to generate qualified and profitable leads.

Why do you find B2B leads with LinkedIn advertising?

There are 2.9 million LinkedIn users in Switzerland. There are over 750 million worldwide. 75% of the most important decision-makers are on LinkedIn, in the DACH region alone there are 3 million managing directors / CEOs as well as specialists and executives on the platform. 

When you sell a B2B product, find your relevant customers on LinkedIn. The momentum is also important: When a potential customer sees your advertising in the LinkedIn feed, he is in "business mode", i.e. ready to receive business-related content. 

Increase your conversion rates and create brand awareness!

Thanks to the sophisticated targeting options of your LinkedIn campaign, you can use the "Matched Audiences" function to reach your potential customers in a very targeted manner and have little wastage.

From website retargeting to contact targeting and account targeting to lookalike audiences LinkedIn advertising You numerous possibilities. And unique target groups can be formed via the LinkedIn pixel.

For example, behavior data (how Lead entry or website visit) with demographic data (Industry, position, age, or education) be combined. The goal of your campaign is that perfect customers to find. 

LinkedIn offers the use of various types of advertising in the campaign manager to create your LinkedIn sponsored content in the form of an advertisement and to reach the right LinkedIn members: 

  • Single Image Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Message Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

Another advantage of ads on LinkedIn over traditional channels like Google, is the Scalability. With Google you are dependent on the search volume for your service. With LinkedIn, on the other hand, you can create that demand and reach customers who don't yet know your product or service exists. 

LinkedIn ads are the Facebook ads for B2B companies. Targeting, lead quality and scalability are excellent. For us, too, LinkedIn Ads are the most important lead source.


How do we generate more leads for you with LinkedIn advertising?


LinkedIn Ads experts

We are one of the few Swiss online marketing agencies that also has proven experience with LinkedIn B2B Ads. In addition to performance marketing, we also take on the creation of your landing pages, because the landing pages are particularly important in the B2B lead generation area. You might even landed on our website through a LinkedIn ad. 


In-house designer for ads & visuals

Although LinkedIn is a B2B platform, it is also a social network. With social media, the quality of the visuals in the sponsored content plays a central role. When you work with us, our in-house design team creates professional advertisements that make an impact. Both for the branding effect and for the financial performance. 


Success dependent compensation

For us, performance marketing also means a performance-related remuneration. We get on board with you and offer a performance-based remuneration model. In B2B lead generation, this can be, for example, a fee per lead. 

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