Native Advertising - How to boost your sales with "invisible" advertising on TikTok

Native advertising is everywhere these days - and it's getting harder and harder to spot.

Every year more media are created and consumed - especially in the last year 2020, when internet users spent more time online than ever before. This opened up a lot of opportunities for advertisers and brands, because in the process you can too Integrate advertising more and more seamlessly into the users' feed.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is advertising that targets adapted the feed of the respective platform is. Their design, layout and content are consistent with the non-promotional content and fit in almost seamlessly between the organic content.

Native advertising can be found in almost all media formats: from traditional and digital print publications, on television and in streaming media, as well as on social media platforms and even on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Social media and e-commerce are more closely intertwined in the current year 2021 than ever. The main focus in the digital space has long been on online sales and is growing faster than ever before.

Native ads are made by users

  • 53% viewed more often than traditional ads
  • 38 times more clicked
  • and generate a 18% higher willingness to buy

Consumers have always been suspicious of overt advertising, and with the increase in social media ads, this trend is accelerating. Native advertising provides a way for marketers to Subtle bypassing consumer “advertising fatigue”.

Social media is at the forefront of daily interactions

Since social media are at the forefront of daily interactions, it naturally makes sense for online brands to Marketing through these channelsto reach their relevant target groups.

Many platforms already have native shopping functions integrated, including Facebook and Instagram. And TikTok is also in the process of developing a number of E-commerce promotional offers to introduce implement the purchase transactions into the existing user experience.

Innovative and cross-platform shopping experiences should be an absolute priority for marketers. The focus is on optimizing the social shopping process so that the Transition of customers from your feed to checkout is as smooth as possible.

Native advertising definition

As already mentioned, native advertising fits into the existing content of the social media feed. The The needs of the user come first - or at least more than the usual ad format. In return, that means: native ads should not obviously placed such as traditional banners or display ads.

How does native advertising work?

Native advertising is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. The advantage of native ads is that the Advertising does not disturb the user while browsing through his feed. Apart from a few subtle hints, the user does not even notice that he is seeing an advertisement at all.

As a result, the Consumers are much more receptive to the advertising messages than to traditional advertising. According to eMarketer native advertising is the fastest growing advertising segment. Between 2017 and 2018 alone this form of advertising has grown by 35 %.

All social media platforms use native ads in their feeds. Most of these are through one "Suggested Post" or "Sponsored" tag marked. Native ad formats also include videos such as those seen on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Here, too, they are marked as "Suggested" or "Recommended Content".  

When it comes to connecting with the viewer, there is nothing like content. Studies have shown that 70 % users prefer to find out about products through content than through conventional advertising methods.

The better researched and the more relevant a native ad is for the platform's target audience, the more engaging it is. Video native ads are by far the most appealing format and can far outperform other ad types in terms of performance and ROI.

Native ads convert better

Native ads don't just retain users and increase your brand presence - they do also convert potential customers to actual buyers. Native display ads achieve a higher CTR than normal display ads. Native Ads were also found to support the Increase purchase intent by up to 18 percent.

Native Ads Statistics

Why you should rely on TikTok for your native advertising

The often underrated social media platform TikTok has meanwhile 2 billion downloads worldwide erreicht. Vor allem in den Bereichen Fashion, Schmuck, Beauty, Fitness oder Food lohnt sich die Werbeschaltung auf TikTok – besonders wenn Sie Kunden der Generation Z ansprechen möchten.

What is TikTok?

Every decade, a new app redefines the way we use social media. 2020 was the year TikTok took power and captured the zeitgeist of our culture today.

In the event that you have not yet dealt with the platform, we give you a brief overview here: Tiktok started in China in 2016 as Douyin and was developed by ByteDance. The same company that acquired the lip-syncing app in 2017.

TikTok was launched in the US in 2017 and is now available in 155 countries. It was that most downloaded social app in Q1 2020. Switching to a new social platform is always reluctant, but eventually its popularity forces us all to join.

And TikTok's success is definitely undeniable.

A big part of that success is that native TikTok videos Thanks to that, developed by brands who understand how to use the platform properly and how to communicate with the TikTok community. In front Especially hashtags, challenges and trendy songs can be used very effectively.

TikTok enables brands to create native ads and target them to their users. Such advertisements with authentic, user-relevant content are a crucial tool in order to excellent results in terms of ROI and positive feedback from consumers to obtain.

Forget what you've learned from other platforms

TikTok is not Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. If you try to use the same promotional content that you use on other platforms on TikTok, it will most likely not work.

Because users expect on TikTok funny, original and inspiring videos instead of hard-selling promotional videoss. In addition, the clips should be short and crisp. That's why it's important to create content that the Attract users' attention from the very first second.

Staged videos also usually don't go down well on TikTok. That's because users - most of whom are under the age of 30 - prefer self-reliant content that speaks about everyday situations. Content that everyone can understand and empathize with.

How does TikTok work?

So a video with a model holding your product will not be successful on TikTok. Neither do videos from ostentatious top influencers who show off their luxurious lives. The users want real content from real People see them inspire laughter, reflection and emotions.

Of course, that doesn't mean your brand has to completely change its voice or values. Try to strike an authentic middle ground, where your content fits your brand while entertaining your audience.  

Otherwise, the app works similarly to other social networks and includes:

  • a feed ("For you")
  • User profiles
  • Search area (hashtags are also used here)
  • Private messages
  • Various creative elements for posts: filters, sound, effects


TikTok statistics 2021

Advertising opportunities on TikTok

With this app, native advertising and interactions with users come first. And so TikTok has announced a number of new promotions, advertising tools and online training courses designed to help SMBs make better use of the platform and offer more opportunities for their advertising via short video clips.

Of course, not every company can easily create popular TikTok content. But through campaigns like #SupportSmallBusiness and #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, TikTok hopes to expand these opportunities to more companies and the Improve SMB discovery through the app.

In terms of advertising tools, TikTok also has a new partnership with Nielsen announced, which enables companies to use Nielsen's Designated Market Area (DMA) Use geo-targeting for your campaignswhat a more direct focus based on a Enables extended segmentation.

So you can rely on more specific markets and audience sub-groups focus on what especially for SMEs within their local regions could be beneficial.

The following advertising options are currently available on TikTok:

  • Native video ads in the TikTok feed
  • TikTok Branded AR Lenses
  • Hashtag challenges
  • Brand Takeover Ads when opening the app

So there is a lot of potential that you can use to advertise on TikTok.

Native TikTok advertising with R17

R17 Ventures is one of the few companies in Switzerland that TikTok has included in the closed beta version of its advertising manager.

We maintain close contact with TikTok itself and are in weekly discussions about new trends in advertising, new challenges on the platform or improvements in targeting.

By working with us, you benefit directly from this access as well as from other advantages of the Advertisement on TikTok:

  • Little competition
  • Great coverage
  • Very cheap traffic
  • Scalability

Contact us today for a free analysis of your advertising account and learn about the potential your company can achieve through successful native ads on TikTok.

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