Performance Marketing

With performance marketing, we enable your company to achieve significant, predictable and profitable growth through Google and social media ads, without paying for poor results.

We have exceptionally talented individuals, working together as an unstoppable team. We listen to our client's needs, formulate a strategy, and together pool our knowledge and skills to ensure top quality performance. We support each other and work towards achieving a common goal for your business.


Performance marketing for your Google and social media ads

If your customers should take a target action online (purchase in the online shop, download the app, lead sign-up, entry of an offer), then there is no way Google,- and social media advertisements past. Over 6,300,000 Swiss people are active on Facebook and Instagram. 

If paid advertisements on Google and social networks are used correctly, they can become extremely lucrative sales channels alongside search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing. We were able to achieve a significant one for several of our customers (+ 500%) growth not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of profit. 

We deliver to you no BlaBla statistics, how many people saw your ads or how many clicks they generated - we deliver measurable responses in the form of more customers, leads or downloads.

The performance concept is also reflected in our compensation model. We don't just want to promise performance, we want to make ourselves dependent on it. There are no daily or hourly rates with us, we take over corporate responsibility (skin in the game). Our remuneration depends on the success of the cooperation. 

We are a team of experts in online marketing, in programming and improving online shops and in the design of advertisements. In addition to the best possible performance of your advertisements, we guarantee you:

Our range of services

Our focus is on advertising channels where significant, profitable growth that can be measured using various parameters is possible. With around 80% of social media spending (worldwide), the giant is there Facebook (including Instagram & Whatsapp) the direction of the industry.

R17 Ventures AG is an official Facebook marketing partner with direct contact in the European headquarters in Dublin and manages advertising budgets in the double-digit million range.

Social media marketing measures and E-commerce are increasingly interwoven. Social media are in the foreground of daily interactions and so it makes sense for online brands to conduct performance marketing through these channels in order to reach their relevant target groups.

Besides Facebook is Google Ads , it is attractive with its advertising products (search, display, shopping and YouTube) to attract new customers or leads. Thousands of potential customers search for your products or services every day. With us you can monetize these inquiries.












Referral / Affiliate

Performance Marketing Process

A sophisticated performance marketing strategy helps scale reach, engagement and conversion of new buyers in new markets at a lower cost, lower risk and much higher ROI than any other form of marketing.

Increase your click through rate and lower your cost per click and cost per lead.

Performance advertising is a way to build your brand, increase your product awareness and get in touch with customers without having to accept budget restrictions or competing marketing channels.

With the help of performance marketing campaigns that are influenced by runtime, you can increase your traffic, build up your regular customers and encourage potential customers to buy, while at the same time reactivating existing customers!

How we work

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Free potential analysis

We analyze your advertising accounts on Google, Facebook and Co. and make you a performance-based offer for a test phase of 3-6 months. We will also show you which opportunities we can realize for your company through performance marketing.


Marketing strategy & target definition

Advertising channels, performance targets, remuneration model, duration and budgets are jointly defined and recorded in a contract. Likewise, graphic requirements (CI / D, tone of voice) for the advertisements as well as USPs, customer avatars and psychological triggers are defined.


Data tracking & conversion optimization

Our programmers ensure that the data tracking (pixels, Google Analytics, etc.) is set up correctly. We also help with conversion rate optimizations in the online shop or on your landing pages. You benefit from the experience of over 20+ international e-commerce companies.


Campaign structure & visuals / creatives

Our designers create perfect ads for social media based on your pictures and videos. We also set up the campaign structure with the best target groups. We create customer avatars, use psychological triggers and the latest targeting software.


Optimization & testing

Our online marketing experts constantly optimize the campaigns, target groups and visuals / ads in order to achieve the performance marketing goals. You can now fully concentrate on developing your business, products or supply chain.


Reporting and communication are important factors in a successful collaboration. At R17 you have a personal contact. You can meet them in person or virtually every two to four weeks.

You will also receive a personal performance dashboard. Accessible via a link, you can see all important key figures updated every minute:

Features that make this possible:
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With the support of the R17, we were able to record an increase in sales of 150% in our B2C business in the first year and now want to implement this strategy in Germany.

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