R17 x equity

We take over the complete performance marketing & development for your e-commerce start-up. In return, we receive a share participation.

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R17 x equity model

There are many excellent e-commerce business models and start-ups that either achieve only a fraction of their potential or fail completely.

The main reasons are: Not enough sales, no predictable system to win new customers and too high costs per new customer. In summary, there is often a lack of know-how in performance or online marketing. Buying these skills through your own employees or agencies is often too expensive and takes too long. 

With our model - Performance Marketing & Ecommerce Development for Shares - we solve exactly these problems. 

our advantages


Hire marketing, design and programming staff.

R17 x equity

Performance Marketing & E-Commerce Development for an investment.

Classic agency

Commission marketing and programming agency.

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400% growth in 3 months

In December 2020, R17 took a stake in Secondhandbags AG as a shareholder and is also operationally in charge of performance marketing and web development. In the first month we were able to grow by 400% compared to the previous year.