Snapchat advertising

As CPM and reliance on Facebook & Instagram increase, it's time to test new and profitable traffic channels. Snapchat is the solution. CPMs under CHF 2.-, target groups with high purchasing power from GenZ and augmented reality ads make Snapchat very attractive.

Why Snapchat Ads?

You want GenZ customers (Born 1995 - 2010) to reach? Then Snapchat is the solution. 1.4 million Swiss people are active on Snapchat, 70% of them are between 13 and 25 years old.

In addition, Snapchat can be an attractive diversification to Facebook and Google. If your online shop is already very successful with Facebook and Google Ads, your target groups are out of the GenZ and GenY and there are no new traffic platforms for new customers? Then it's worth starting with Snapchat. 

The CPMs (Price per thousand impressions) are about 5x cheaper than on Facebook and Instagram. This price difference alone makes Snapchat very attractive. But the platform has a lot more to offer. 

Another advantage are the new ad formats. Snapchat made it as the first social media app Augmented Reality Ads to generate. For example, a customer can see what a shoe will look like on him. A before-and-after effect can also be advertised for a cosmetic product. The advantages of Snapchat ads are summarized below.

Snapchat Ads are particularly effective in targeting your GenZ audiences and have a typically lower CPM than Facebook Ads. A further advantage is that Snap Ads take up the whole screen, grabbing the users full attention. Additionally, their use of AR lenses and other exciting Ad formats make for more exciting creative possibilities outside of the conventional Facebook and Google Ad formats.


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