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For a long time, TikTok was ridiculed as a performance marketing channel. Wrongly. The prices (CPMs) are unbeatable and the performance (ROAS) can also be made very profitable with the right setup. If your target audience is under 25, it pays to start advertising with TikTok.

Why TikTok advertising?

The TikTok video app is used by 800 million young adults worldwide. 65% of the monthly active users are under 24. Are your customers millennials or from Gen Z and are you active in the fields of fashion, jewelry, beauty, fitness or food? Then start yours today TikTok campaign

We are one of the few companies in Switzerland that TikTok has included in the closed beta version of the TikTok ad manager. Corresponding the competition is deep on the platform, this sometimes leads to costs per click of less than one cent. 

The CPI (Cost per App Install) is also much cheaper with TikTok than with the social media apps of the competing providers. And with the TikTok Pixel, a tracking pixel for your campaigns, the Success of your ads easy to track. 

We maintain close contact with TikTok and are in weekly discussions about new trends in advertising, new challenges on the platform or improvements in targeting. If you work with us, you benefit directly from this access. 

TikTok is a completely new way of advertising. We almost solely focus on user generated content. If your brand has a young customer base you have to try out TikTok ads.

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How do TikTok Ads work?

TikTok is an often underrated social network. Because by advertising on TikTok you can reach millions of users. 

TikTok captures the zeitgeist of our culture today. The app started in China in 2016 and was launched in the US in 2017. TikTok now offers its social network in 155 countries. It was even that most downloaded social app in Q1 2020.

The success of TikTok can therefore certainly no longer be denied.

A big part of that success is that native TikTok videos Thanks to. Especially hashtag challenges and trendy songs can be used very effectively.

TikTok enables brands native ads and to show them to their users in a targeted manner. Such advertisements with authentic, user-relevant content are a crucial tool in order to excellent results in terms of ROI and positive feedback from consumers to obtain.

Forget what you've learned from other platforms. Placing TikTok Ads is not like running on YouTube, Google and Facebook and Instagram.

Because users expect funny, original and inspiring videos from the campaign on TikTok instead of hard-selling advertising videos. In addition, the clips should be short and crisp. It is therefore important to create content that catches users' attention from the very first second.

The following ad formats are currently available in TikTok Ads Manager:

  • Native video ads in the TikTok feed
  • TikTok Branded AR Lenses
  • Hashtag challenges
  • Brand takeover ads when opening the app

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