Your Ultimate 4 Week Video Marketing Strategy For Successful Video Ads!

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing strategy? Would you like to know how you do Embed videos in any social network and thereby improve your ROI? Then read on now and be inspired by our tips.

A well-planned video strategy can

  • Your Brand awareness boost
  • Brand loyalty increase
  • the Sales increase
  • a stronger bond of the audience
  • at credibility win with new and potential customers
  • and much more.

However, most brands simply don't have the time or resources to devise a strategy that will produce significant results. Let alone maintain a consistent video strategy to ensure consistent success.

Are you curious how you can achieve such results for your company? We have put together tips and tricks for you here that are easy to replicate and pay for themselves quickly. 

Social media channels are the perfect platform for your marketing videos

Social networks have now become the main channel for advertisers to host their marketing videos. However, no two social media channels are the same. Every platform comes with different types of video formats therefore. This is why you need to customize your social videos for each social network for the best results.

Here we have put together the most important facts and tips for each of your social media platforms, with which you can be sure that your brand is the Always one step ahead of the competition is.

video marketing YouTube advertising

Video advertising on YOUTUBE

When you think of videos, it immediately comes to mind Youtube in mind. The video platform is used by 55 % marketers making it the most widely used video channel for video marketing. Users see each other over 1 billion hours a day YouTube video content.

YouTube is also part of the Parent company Google making it the ideal social media platform for videos that show up in search engines.

Our professional tips:

Video ads on FACEBOOK

Daily find more than 4 billion video views on Facebook instead of. The video contributions have an average Engagement rate of 6.01 %. Facebook is not just a social platform for a long time, it has been a for some time now strong advertising channel developed - ideal for your paid video advertising. The specific targeting helps you show your video to the right people at the right time.

Our professional tips:

video marketing Facebook Video Ads
video marketing Instagram Reels Ads

INSTAGRAM Reels and Sponsored Video Ads

Sponsored Instagram videos to generate 3 times more comments as sponsored Instagram photos. If you look at the trends of the top publishers on the platform, you can see one annual increase from Instagram video posts 90-100 %.

Instagram is the best place to go to E-commerce stores to apply. It has a number of handy features that make it easier for ecommerce store owners to sell their products.

By the way, users all over the world now spend more time on TikTok than on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In view of this development, Instagram is also trying to become more and more similar to TikTok. In the near future, there are plans to integrate full-screen videos into users' Instagram feeds.

So that The app's square photo sharing function continues to fade into the background and an immersive, entertaining one Mobile-first video experience be created. If you as an online company wanted to focus solely on photo content, you should definitely reconsider this strategy now!

Our professional tips:

TIKTOK videos

Users of the youngest social media platform spend on average at least 52 minutes a day with the app. More than 1 million videos are viewed daily.

TikTok has a reputation for being particularly popular with Generation Z users. This social media channel is therefore ideally suited to your Market your brand to a younger audience.

Our professional tips:

video marketing TikTok Video Ads
video marketing LinkedIn advertising

Video advertising on LINKEDIN

over 51 % the video marketer already have LinkedIn videos in their campaigns used. Video posts are shared 20 times more often on the social media network than other posts.

LinkedIn is the most popular social medium of B2B marketers and thus an ideal platform for creating videos to get in touch with decision-makers, professionals and executives.

Our professional tips:

video marketing Social Media Video Ads

Our 7 expert tips to stand out on social media platforms

You've probably already figured it out, but posting a one-off video is no guarantee that yours will come true Online Marketing Goals. And that has it's reason.

People log into social media to get

  • interact with their community
  • browse current content
  • To discover things that they do not yet know

Of course, it has happened in the history of marketing that a small start-up company published a viral video and struck gold with it. For most brands, however, growth comes from one consistent video marketing strategy. Whether your goal is more sales, followers, or just engagement, a solid plan is the foundation for success on social media.

Here are our ultimate tips to get phenomenal results with your video marketing strategy:

Tip # 1: No hard selling

Avoid blatantly pushing viewers to buy your product or service directly. Instead, provide them with informative and valuable content.

Tip #: 2. Storytelling: Tell a story

Engage your audience emotionally with your video. Let the viewer feel something through the story you tell in the video. This will help consumers remember your message and brand better.

Tip # 3: save the best for starters

Start strong by uploading the best video content you have right at the beginning of your strategy. This will catch the viewer's attention faster.

Tip # 4: Saves is the new preferred metric on Instagram

Videos are saved much more often by users and ensure that your content is prepared for the Instagram algorithm. That means, the more saves you getthe more likely your video ad will be shown to a larger audience.

Tip # 5: Include a call-to-action

Never let your viewers hang in the air. Always make sure to include a CTA to show them the next steps to take.

Tip # 6: To get the best ROI, consistently review your insights

How are your videos doing? Is one target group more reactive than the other? Adjust your target groups accordingly.

Tip # 7: You don't have to invest a fortune to see results

Even an advertising expenditure of around CHF 200-300 per video ad brings good results.

video marketing video marketing strategy

Your 4 Week Strategy for Successful Video Ads

If you plan your marketing plan carefully, you can get the highest ROI on your video ads. We have created a 4-week plan for you to stay relevant to your current customers and high on the list for potential customers.

week 1

A Top-of-funnel ad is the first introduction of your target group to your brand. So the intention is not to “sell” your product or offer, but rather to increase brand awareness on social media.

Week 2

The Consideration ad is your opportunity to offer a free trial, product demo, giveaway, or discount in exchange for something like a subscription.

Week 3

When your audience is at the bottom of the funnel, stimulate them with a clear call-to-action (CTA) and clear images that represent your brand. Direct your target audience to exactly where they can buy your product.

Week 4

Your existing customers are your brand's ambassadors. Address them with a video ad after purchase. With retention ads, you aim to generate product reviews, testimonials and user-generated content and of course to encourage repeat purchases.

CONCLUSION: A good video marketing strategy is essential today

So you have now received an exact timetable for your video strategy from us. What are you waiting for? There really is no excuse not to get started with video advertising. All the Benefits and the profits that come with them should not be missed - be it in monetary terms or in terms of brand awareness and customer loyalty.

But not only that. If you don't care about quality video content now, then you will probably get far in the near future fall by the wayside behind your competitors. Because if you look at the developments on the major social media platforms, the focus is very much on video content.

You don't have time to take care of video content yourself, but would like to incorporate such a strategy into your marketing mix? Then contact us today and we will show you the potential that your online business can achieve with well-thought-out paid advertising from experts.

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