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Why should I choose R17?

We are entrepreneurs. We understand business. Like you, we hate BS metrics. Like you, we focus on the bottom line and the core metrics. And because of this alignment, we have a performance-based remuneration model. Powered by a world class team of performance marketers, creative strategists, developers, and a strong venture team, you know you're in the best hands with R17 Ventures as your business partner.

What services do you offer?

We offer 3 services at R17 Ventures. These services are:

  1. Performance Marketing
  2. Shopify & Funnel Development
  3. Venture Building

What is R17’s approach to Performance Marketing?

We are a team of digital natives and experts. Our world-class team provide an holistic, non-silo approach to performance marketing, ensuring that each customer touch-point works to achieve your goals. We're an extension of your team. As leaders in performance, we offer a performance based remuneration model, which also means that we have aligned interests - increasing your net profit or growth.

What's it like doing performance marketing with R17?

We are your extended CMO team. We run all you digital ads, from strategy to execution and reporting - we handle everything, putting our years of experience and know-how to work for you. We do full funnel analysis and completion, generating loyalty and constant conversions. We also have a studio that produces content for all ads. As an extension of your team, we have weekly calls with you where we discuss performance, actionables, and outcomes. We are also available and contactable in the same way your own team would be, addressing any concerns immediately. Our day-to-day operations see us constantly optimising and testing everything from audiences to creatives, call-to-actions and more. Real-time data dashboards also ensure that you're updated with performance to the very minute. Our team also prepare quarterly outlooks and strategies to ensure that we're always one step ahead.

Do you produce creative assets?

Yes, we do! We produce UGC, 3D, do in-house shootings and more. We work according to your CI/CD. As creatives play such an integral role to performance marketing, we constantly run tests and have a super feedback loop. We also work with model agencies & influencer agencies globally.

How are performance deals structured?

We offer 3 types of payment models.

1. Managed Advertising: a set monthly fee plus 5-10% of revenue. In this case, media spend is paid by client.

2. Managed Commerce: 20-60% Of revenue share p/m. In this case media spend is paid by R17 Ventures AG.

3. Joint Venture: a set monthly fee plus. In this case, R17 invests capital vs. minority equity stake.

Do you have criteria for prospective clients?

We always look for synergy when deciding to partner with a business to elevate their performance marketing.

There are 3 additional criteria:

  1. You need to have a media spend of $5k+ pm
  2. You need to have a functioning dedicated team
  3. You need to trust us. After all, we're the experts and because of our business model, our interests are aligned
What is the price of a Shopify store done by R17?
What are possible venture engagement models?

Our approach to venture building comes down to 3 core elements we bring to the table:

1. People (we have a highly experienced team of performance marketers, creative strategists and Shopify & funnel developers)

2. Knowledge (we've worked on 60 businesses and are invested in 7 of them)

3. Capital (funding)

How does it work?

We take a minority stake in your business and take-over performance marketing and development, as your outsourced CMO and CTO team.The minority stake we either buy with capital, do work for equity, or we fund the PoC / MVP.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are! We're always on the lookout for top class people to join our A-Team! We're on the look out for the following 3 positions:


1. Performance Marketing Specialists - digital marketing natives with a passion for creating strategies and implementations that deliver results across SEM & paid social

2. Creative Strategists - graphic designers, branding specialists or videographers that are well versed in the Adobe Suite, have a pulse on what is trending, and can think like consumers

3. Developers - Shopify and Unity developers and designers with driven by creating seamless digital customer journeys and experiences

Sound like you? Click here to apply today!

What is your interview process?

If, after we've received and reviewed your job application, we see some synergy between you and our team we'll be in touch to set up an interview. If the initial interview is a success, we'll ask you to complete a case study, after which you will have a second and/or third interview, depending on the position.

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