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R17 Ventures AG has adopted Social Income as our core CSI (corporate social investment) partner - offering them assistance in two ways:

1. Financially: For every full-time employee at R17, we make a cash donation / donate media spend that goes towards creating a basic income to an individual in need.

2. Service: we run their paid media, pro bono, utilising ad spend grants and media spend donations, to gain further donations that will create a basic income for even more underprivileged people from economies where there is no support.

We encourage you to also get involved with this great initiative, by signing up to be a donor on their website: www.socialincome.org

Pledge 1% of your salary to make the world of difference to someone in need. It could be the defining factor between them eating or not.

Over-and-above this, R17 works with additional NGOs/NPOs on a case-by-case basis to help make a difference (see our ESG report for further information).