Case Study: Assenagon Asset Management

100% increase in B2B leads

Assenagon Asset Management SA is a leading global asset manager with offices in the European financial services hubs Luxembourg, Munich, Zurich and Frankfurt. As an active asset manager for institutional investors, the investment institution specializes in proactive management of capital market risks. Assenagon’s long-standing track record dates back to its inception in 2007 and as of 2023, has grown to EUR 41,9 billion of assets under management. Longing for a marketing approach that accurately measures and tracks return on investment, the team at Assenagon Asset Management SA chose R17 Ventures AG as their performance marketing partner to lead growth through institutional investor acquisition using online advertising - inclusive of PPC and search engine advertising (Google Ads) and paid social media advertising (LinkedIn Ads, Meta Ads).

Finance / Private Markets

The results


Increase In Monthly Baseline Leads


Tracking Set-Up & CRM Connection


Digital Performance Marketing Roll-Out With Testing

Management Summary


Growth was achieved through a full sales funnel approach to performance marketing. We used an omni-channel digital advertising setup, which included LinkedIn Ads, Meta Ads (Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads), and Google Ads - with a core focus on amplifying their award-winning Multi-Asset Conservative fund towards B2B audiences on these platforms. 

Our goal was four-part:

  1.  to reach institutional investors


  1. introduce Assenagon Asset Management SA with bold claims 
  2. build trust in the financial services company through video content
  3. nurture leads into clients (conversions) 

To reach high relevance institutional investors, we took a cross-platform funnel approach that involved 2 steps:

  1. Introduce Assenagon: Target specific job titles, company employees, and industries with fund performance-related videos + generalist brand videos to grab their awareness and interest.

We optimized for a higher-funnel event to feed those audiences into our in-platform/pixel-tracked audiences 

  1.  Build trust: Retarget those audiences with video content from the fund manager of the multi-asset conservative fund to ignite their desire and action 

We would acquire them as a native lead at this lower funnel stage


  1. Testing messaging to determine which messages (hooks) provide the most clicks (the highest CTR [click-through-rate])
  2. Building audiences for retargeting
  3. Creating iterations of the winning messages / hooks and video additions to populate the full-funnel setup 
  4. ‍Analysing the performance marketing results on a daily basis in order to monitor performance and establish benchmarks, optimize the online marketing campaigns to improve performance and beat previously set benchmarks, and maximize the digital advertising outputs
  5. Using advanced data tracking solutions to enable our performance marketing team to merge first-party data with the online ads platform data on a lead level

100% increase in B2B leads

R17 has proven themselves as an asset to our team. Their experience in performance marketing and understanding of the financial services industry, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond, has been standout to the success of our partnership. We look forward to continued success as they continue to drive performance.

Hans-Günther Bonk
Chairman, Assenagon Asset Management SA
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