Sales Doubling in 12 months

In the first year of cooperation, R17 was able to double sales for Kybun LLC in the USA with Performance Marketing. The partnership has now been expanded to include Europe and Asia and is just as successful.

Management Summary

The partnership between Kybun and R17 in the field of performance marketing for the American market began in January 2019. Sales doubled in the first year. R17 was particularly responsible for the Google and Facebook advertisements.

Meanwhile, the advertising channels Amazon and e-mail marketing have been added for the USA. Outside the USA, too, the cooperation was expanded to include Europe and Asia.


Email Marketing

Due to the abundance of content from Kybun AG, especially in the medical field, we were able to build specific e-mail flows based on the problems / needs of the customers and thus achieve a strong performance. The longer decision-making process up to the purchase is just as relevant. More relevant content can shorten this.


The very close cooperation has also produced strategic successes. Loyalty programs, specific content flows and new sales channels such as Amazon were jointly introduced.

Facebook Ads

Despite the significantly higher prices (CPMs) in the USA, Facebook is and will remain the engine for new customers. We have been generating new customers profitably through Facebook ads for over two years.

Our Areas of Expertise

The following overview shows in which areas we are strategically and operationally active for Kybun AG in the US, Europe and Asia markets.

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