1 Year of Sales in 6 Months

In the first 6 months of partnering with R17 Ventures, SoFlow had a full year's worth of sales.

Management Summary

The performance marketing partnership between SoFlow and R17 began in August 2021. SoFlow is a consumer electronics company based in Switzerland with a global e-commerce footprint, selling mobility products such as E-Scooters, E-Skateboards and E-Bikes. The team at SoFlow saw a large spike in sales from the offset - as well as an increase in profitability. Not only was R17 able to increase conversions in their e-commerce store - we were also able to decrease the ad cost / revenue ratio.

Advertisements were run on Meta (Facebook & Instagram), as well as Google Ads.



Due to the abundance of quality creative assets from SoFlow, our team of Creative Strategists were able to constantly create stand-out creatives unparalleled to SoFlow's competitors for our ads.


Working closely with the team at SoFlow through every step of the performance marketing journey, has meant that we have been able to craft a strategy that speaks to our collaborative objectives and yields results.


Despite one channel generally often overshadowing another, in SoFlow's case, Meta Ads and Google Ads performed largely equally. Both platforms also reaped benefits when email campaigns were sent out.

Our Areas of Expertise

The following overview shows in which areas we are strategically and operationally active for SoFlow.

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