We are your Partner for digital GROWTH!

We help you build your digital business and skyrocket it in exchange for a revenue share or equity deal. R17 is for entrepreneurs from entrepreneurs. 

Accreditations & awards

Our services


«we teach you»

We offer either a one hour, one day, or one month consulting package. Long-term partnerships are only possible through the company-builder with a revenue-share or equity-deal.


«we do it for you»

For Entrepreneurs from Entrepreneurs. We help you improve your business model (pricing, offers, revenue streams) and do your advertising, business development and web development to scale your business. We only work with a revenue-share or equity deal.

What we do

We take your company to the next level –  from zero or minimal sales to a flourishing and profitable business.


We evaluate pricing strategies, create new revenue models, adapt your business model to a growth strategy and help to improve your offering.


We provide your customers with the best possible journey. We use cutting-edge technology and third-party software to build your landing pages and improve your shop or platform.


We take over or build your media buying from scratch. We run your Facebook-, Google-, Instagram-, Snapchat-, and Amazon Ads. We work with an entrepreneurial mindset, which is more profit than revenue driven. 


We build cutting edge dashboards for you and help your management take action. This is your way to become a data driven business.

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Success stories

Our most beautiful success stories are about the success of our portfolio companies.

About us

We are a young and dynamic team.


Why R17 Ventures?

R17 Ventures is from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We believe in building companies, not billing consulting hours. It is important to us that we move in the same direction as our portfolio companies. Where both parties take risks and get paid for those risks.

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