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The next in-take begins July 2023

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what is the r17 academy?

R17 Academy is a 5-month apprenticeship for individuals to gain skills in performance marketing. R17 aims to solve youth unemployment and offers competitive salaries with milestone increments. The program covers various marketing skills and has seen success, with some graduates of the program already promoted or hired within two months. To learn more about the R17 Academy, check out their video.


Growth & Transparency

We understand that for many small businesses that have great growth potential, finding the resources to start your journey in performance marketing and unlock that growth can be a daunting task. We recommend starting with our Academy. In this instance, our academy members, who have completed their theoretical and practical training, manage your account, under the mentorship of the Academy Lead and various Senior Performance Marketers within the team. The goal is dual growth: your business grows hand-in-hand with the academy member - and ultimately, you both “graduate” to the agency within a few months.

how it works

3 Steps to rocket Launching careers
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Part one of the R17 Academy apprenticeship programme sees academy members taken through a theoretical module that provides an in-depth understanding of performance marketing, gaining invaluable knowledge of ad platforms, sales funnels and strategy building, while also gaining accreditations in Google Ads and Klaviyo.



In part two of this career acceleration programme, academy members get to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical way - getting hands-on experience in creating strategies, campaign set-up and management, optimisation and reporting, guided, mentored, assisted and checked by our experienced team.



Upon completion of the R17 Academy, apprentice performance marketers that have shown strong resolve, understanding and passion will stand a chance of working at R17 as a fully fledged junior performance marketer, enjoying all the perks available to our staff.

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If you've got a degree/diploma and live in Cape Town, ready to accelerate your career and with a passion for digital media - apply to join our next Academy intake!

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The next in-take begins July 2023