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We are a leading full-service performance marketing agency, helping our clients across the world achieve their growth goals & targets across global markets through end-to-end performance marketing for: e-commerce sales, lead generation & nurturing, and SaaS user acquisition.

We run your online advertising, as a service, across 3 core disciplines:

Performance Marketing
Paid Media
Expertly running all paid media, from paid social to SEM & PPC, with remuneration based on performance.
Content Creation
Creating visual assets inclusive of content creation, UGC, product photographs, and video shoots with our in-house studio & UGC hub.
Creating e-commerce websites on Shopify and websites on Webflow, landing pages & funnels that stand-out & drive conversions.

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We Enable Growth.

We build & scale brands online through aligning ourselves with our clients' performance goals & KPIs through performance-based pricing & our holistic, world class, data-driven approach to performance marketing.

why us?

Recognizing Over & Under Achievement

The old engagement model, used by agencies across the world rewards mediocrity and underperformance and charges you for your ad spend.

We believe that this model is outdated.

You should pay for the performance you receive and this is why we use the new engagement model, a performance-based remuneration model with aligned interests, where our clients’ growth is our growth -and poor performance has ramifications for us.

Old vs New engagement model graph
Accelerate growth with R17
Our performance marketing clients
Data driven
Digital ads
Email marketing
Media buying
Affiliate marketing
Content marketing
Channel experts
Performance creative

what we do

we expertly run your Online Advertising

As the agency that has scaled some of the fastest growing digital brands in Europe (across e-commerce, lead generation and Saas), we know and understand performance marketing and everything that’s needed to create effective campaigns that drive revenue and growth. 

Not only do we analyse and improve your current strategy, we innovate, create and set the trends for the future - and use data and experience to inform and motivate our effective strategies and executions.

Beyond the creative and digital marketing services we offer in-house, our top tier network of entrepreneurs, partners and investors can take your business to the next level. More importantly, we know which players to engage with and when to do so, based on your specific goals and needs. 

how we work

Marketing Approach
Dedicated Performance Marketing Specialist with full responsibility, accountability and weekly performance calls
Testing / approach is in the company DNA
Holistic approach with customer journey focus
For entrepreneurs from entrepreneurs → 12x Online Business Shareholdings
Real-Time Performance data to see holistic patterns
Clear Frameworks / up-to-date practices for all Departments in performance marketing
Creative Approach
We take a data-driven approach to creatives. We use a holistic omnichannel strategy utilising creative and data analytics across the funnel to drive conversions and acquisition.
We create creative content in-house using your CI/CD and assets, or creating assets and user generated content for you.
Learning-based POD structure
POD infographic
A DTC growth plan built on proven strategies
Catagory specific learnings
A data-driven creative team and insights from the agency that has scaled the most DTC brands

success stories

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our pricing

Simple, transparent pricing.
Managed advertising
$3-6K* / Month

*Plus 5-10% of revenue. Media Spent is paid by client. Minimum Spend: 5k/month

Services included:
Run all advertising channels
Strategy, concept & channel selection
Static & video visual/ad creation
In-house studio shoots
Landingpages, UX/UI & CRO.
Managed commerce
20-60% Of revenue
share p/m.

*Media Spend is paid by R17 Ventures AG.

Services included:
Run all advertising channels
Strategy, concept & channel selection
Static & video visual/ad creation
In-house studio shoots
Landingpages, UX/UI & CRO.
$1.5-3k/ Month

*Plus 5-10% of revenue. Media Spent is paid by client. Minimum Spend: 2k/month

Services included:
Run all advertising channels
Strategy, concept & channel selection
Static & video visual/ad creation
In-house studio shoots
Landingpages, UX/UI & CRO.
joint venture
$3-6K* + Equity
stake p/m

*R17 invests capital vs. minority equity stake. Joint vc pays a fee of 2-4k.

Services included:
Run all advertising channels
Strategy, concept & channel selection
Static & video visual/ad creation
In-house studio shoots
Landingpages, UX/UI & CRO.


Partnership Process
Exploration Phase 3-6 Months:
Familiarize with Shopify Setup (Infra & Shop)
Get access/setup Google Accounts,
Social Media Channelgs, ...)
Understand Current Business KPI’s
advertising strategy (Break Even ROAS, etc)
Checklist & Kick Off
Suggest improvements in setup for
effecting marketing automation
Optomize shops/tools for marketing
Content Creation & optomization (Ads, etc)
2 Weeks
Start testing and increasing
advertising budget
Measure impact of adds
Adjust & Iterate
Evaluate ROAS and identify potential
sweet spots
1 Month
Run campagins
Monitor impact and adjust based
on results
2 Months
Longterm Partnership 12+ Months
(CHF 2-4K + 5-10% REVENUE SHARE)

Our platforms


Your questions, answered.
Why should I choose R17?

We are entrepreneurs. We understand business. Like you, we hate BS metrics. Like you, we focus on the bottom line and the core metrics. And because of this alignment, we have a performance-based remuneration model. Powered by a world class team of performance marketers, creative strategists, developers, and a strong venture team, you know you're in the best hands with R17 Ventures as your business partner.

What is R17’s approach to Performance Marketing?

We are a team of digital natives and experts. Our world-class team provide an holistic, non-silo approach to performance marketing, ensuring that each customer touch-point works to achieve your goals. We're an extension of your team. As leaders in performance, we offer a performance based remuneration model, which also means that we have aligned interests - increasing your net profit or growth.

What's it like doing performance marketing with R17?

We are your extended CMO team. We run all you digital ads, from strategy to execution and reporting - we handle everything, putting our years of experience and know-how to work for you. We do full funnel analysis and completion, generating loyalty and constant conversions. We also have a studio that produces content for all ads. As an extension of your team, we have weekly calls with you where we discuss performance, actionables, and outcomes. We are also available and contactable in the same way your own team would be, addressing any concerns immediately. Our day-to-day operations see us constantly optimising and testing everything from audiences to creatives, call-to-actions and more. Real-time data dashboards also ensure that you're updated with performance to the very minute. Our team also prepare quarterly outlooks and strategies to ensure that we're always one step ahead.

Do you produce creative assets?

Yes, we do! We produce UGC, 3D, do in-house shootings and more. We work according to your CI/CD. As creatives play such an integral role to performance marketing, we constantly run tests and have a super feedback loop. We also work with model agencies & influencer agencies globally.

How are performance deals structured?

We offer 3 types of payment models.

1. Managed Advertising: a set monthly fee plus 5-10% of revenue. In this case, media spend is paid by client.

2. Managed Commerce: 20-60% Of revenue share p/m. In this case media spend is paid by R17 Ventures AG.

3. Joint Venture: a set monthly fee plus. In this case, R17 invests capital vs. minority equity stake.

Do you have criteria for prospective clients?

We always look for synergy when deciding to partner with a business to elevate their performance marketing.

There are 3 additional criteria:

  1. You need to have a media spend of $5k+ pm
  2. You need to have a functioning dedicated team
  3. You need to trust us. After all, we're the experts and because of our business model, our interests are aligned
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