Case Study: Petiole Asset Management

300-400% increase in leads

Petiole Asset Management AG is a boutique asset manager with a global footprint and a track record of 19 years in sourcing high-value private market opportunities, in partnership with top-tier asset managers. Following the launch of one of the most advanced direct-to-investor digital platforms for private equity, which features a highly advanced portfolio builder and online know your customer - the team chose R17 as their performance partner to lead growth through investor and platform acquisition.

Finance / Private Markets

The results


Increase In Monthly Leads


Assets Created Per Month


Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Management Summary


When it came to R17 Ventures' approach to get Petiole high-quality leads of high net worth individuals, we took a 2-step approach:

1. Convince prospective investors why private equity is important
2. Convince prospective investors why Petiole is the right vehicle for their portfolio

Finding the right hooks was super important. As such, upon starting, we did extensive hook testing for Petiole, testing 30+ hooks that trigger the above 2-steps to find clear winners through analysing traffic & click-through-rates (CTR), and then expanding on those hooks.



We used 3 core tactics in order to drive performance:
1. Reach/Frequency strategy, which adapts on a daily basis which advert and messaging a lead is served based on his/her nurturing status
2. Data exchange between CRM/Ad-Platforms, which sees us identifying at what stage a lead is in the qualification process within the CRM and sharing the data back to the ad platforms to improve machine learning on paid media
3. Once a week we release new tests for hooks and messaging that help us further identify what resonates with prospective investors and drives them to convert


Analytics, Data & Forecasting:

Driving performance requires data-driven decision making and strategies.

We did this in 3 ways:

1. Simulating results using advanced technology & data insights to forecast performance
2. Analysing performance on a daily basis, comparing to the different simulations in order to monitor, optimize and maximize outputs
3. Using advanced data tracking solutions that enable us to merge first party data with ad platform data on a lead level

300-400% increase in leads

R17's understanding of the complexities of private markets really sets them apart from other agencies, not to mention the results that they achieve. Their CEO, Raphael Rohner, has led a personal touch on the project, offering a hands-on, can-do approach. We’re excited for what’s ahead.

Mathias Peter Niederhauser
Head of Growth, Petiole Asset Management AG
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