Case Study: Turm Kaffee

150% more sales in first year

In the first year of the partnership between Turm Kaffee and R17 Ventures, sales increased by 150% in Switzerland. After that, additional markets were introduced, namely Germany and Austria; and the scope of R17 Ventures expanded into B2B lead generation too.

FMCG E-Commerce
St. Gallen, Switzerland

The results


year-to-year revenue growth


customers acquired through barista academy


retention rate through email marketing

Management Summary

In January 2020, the collaboration between Turm E-Commerce AG and R17 started with a focus on performance marketing and email automation. The first year ended very successfully with a sales growth of 150% and over 2'500 new customers.The growth in sales was made possible with paid Facebook and Google advertisements. In addition, we were able to achieve an average repurchase rate of over 50% through successful retention marketing with emails. In the meantime, the online marketing partnership was  expanded to include Germany and Austria, as well as the B2B business area. In the B2B area, we use LinkedIn Ads to gain new leads for Turm Handels AG.

150% more sales in first year

"Since R17 Ventures took over our Performance Marketing, we were able to grow our business by 150% in the first year in the Swiss market. In the meantime, we have ventured into Germany with R17 and are successful there too. R17 also manages our B2B digital lead engine as well as e-commerce performance marketing."

Sara Leuthold
CEO, Turm Kaffee
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