150% More Sales in First Year

In the first year of the partnership, sales increased by 150%. After that, the markets were (Germany, Austria) and business areas (B2B leadgen) expanded.

Management Summary

In January 2020, the collaboration between Turm E-Commerce AG and R17 started with a focus on performance marketing and email automation. The first year ended very successfully with a Sales growth of 150% and over 2,500 new customers.

The growth in sales was made possible with paid Facebook and Google advertisements. In addition, we were able to achieve an average repurchase rate of over 50% through successful retention marketing with emails.

In the meantime, the online marketing cooperation has been expanded to include Germany and Austria, as well as the B2B business area. In the B2B area, we use LinkedIn advertisements to gain new leads for Turm Handels AG.


Product & Ad Match

One challenge was to find out which products from the portfolio are suitable for "top-of-funnel" advertisements. Typically, there should be a strong USP / unique selling point and additional demand in the market. After many tests, we have found the right products and are also profitable with new customers.

Email Automations

The repurchase rate and life-time value of a customer are particularly important for a consumer product such as coffee. The higher this ratio, the more can be paid for a new customer, or the higher the profitability over the lifetime of a customer. Thanks to smart email automation, we were able to achieve an unbeatable repurchase rate of 50%.

Our Areas of Expertise

The following overview shows in which areas we are strategically and operationally active for Turm E-Commerce and Turm Handels AG.

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